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afterall - sandy/kirsten

Song: AfterAll
Artist: William Fitzsimmons
Fandom: The O.C.
Pairing: Sandy/Kirsten
Length : 8:36

My epic Sandy/Kirsten video. I have wanted to do a video like this forever! Part of it is just for me. I wanted a video to watch and remind me exactly why this couple is my One True Pairing.

That meant including their origin in Berkeley, their ‘lucky day’, their insecurities over other people, Jimmy, Rachel, Rebecca, Carter, their difficulties with their in-laws, their unfailing love in the face of their parent’s hatred of their spouse, Sandy’s constant desire to protect his wife, Kirsten standing up for her husband, their constant support and reliance on one another, Kirsten’s alcoholism, her return home, their constant displays of affection, their love for their children, Sophie Rose Cohen!, and the return to Berkeley.

These two went to hell and back so many times and they will always be my favorite couple of all time. I went through all of four seasons and it honestly made me fall in love all over again.

Thanks for watching (and reading all of this if you did) and please tell me what you think and what your favorite SandyKirsten moment is! Enjoy!

Tags: - videos, music - william fitzsimmons, pairing - sandy/kirsten, tv - the o.c.

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